Scarlett is a Presenter and Keynote Speaker, sharing her knowledge on Branding, Entrepreneurship, and how to future-proof your career to find your niche and ultimately success in this new world. Her understanding and ability to bridge old thinking into the new thinking, helps her audience unlock innovation and creativity. This is evident in her research and passion around spirituality, people, and technology. Entrepreneurship is the number one skillset required for a successful future in this new world and Scarlett is passionate about sharing her knowledge on how to become a successful ‘Conscious Entrepreneur’.

For any Media appearances and Public Relations Enquiries, Ambassadorships, Talent engagements or Speaking appearances bookings contact media@mrsv.com.auPlease note that Scarlett s also represented by Silver Fox Management and Saxton Speakers Bureau.

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Scarlett Vespa is an authentic and engaging public speaker. Scarlett’s passion for the subject matter is infectious and as an attendee, you gain a fresh perspective on the major trends that are transforming creativity and innovation across a diverse range of industries.

Returned home from Scarlett’s Event feeling lighter and so connected. Scarlett is an extraordinary host and facilitator – she held the space as we received snippets of wisdom all day which I loved.

The finesse with which she curated and facilitated each speaker made it a well-organised event that was absolutely transformational.

I absolutely had a shift. I realised that I have focused so much on my career, my family and my relationships over the years, That whilst I have been telling myself it is time to do things for me. I haven’t been doing it right! The day gave me clarity and refreshed me for my business and life. It was amazing to be in a room full of love and intelligence and no judgement.

Engaging & confident. A lively presentation and although I have heard her before she speaks, there was so much more valid content to pick up on again.

One of the most genuine people I have met! I enjoyed her presentation and making some adjustments to my own brand today!

Scarlett is so good to listen to, She has a calming sense about her and encouraged us all to have self-love

Scarlett has the innate ability to see through whatever is going on in my life and importantly she puts into perspective beautifully. If you are looking for a transformation, highly advise.

Scarlett was excellent. I loved everything she had to say and her presentation was excellent.

Thought she was great, dynamic and unique with soul.

Very good presenter would love to her come into work and present.

Loved Scarlett, interesting and a great motivator.

I found Scarlett to be really inspiring at the Olay event. Scarlett had a great way of encouraging us to focus on the good things in life and take time out to enjoy them. Though we all lead very busy lives, it’s useful to be reminded that it’s important to find time to take care of ourselves and do what’s best for us.

We invited “Scarlett to speak at a recent Shesays event and she wowed the audience! Scarlett was articulate and held the attention of our ladies to talk about the topic of creativity, In particular, her experience in the creative industry and beyond. The objective of the Shesays events is to inspire women and she certainly did, we had some great feedback after the event as one our best for the year.